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Canes Midwest

Canes Midwest Baseball is a non-profit organization designed to develop high school players to play baseball at the collegiate level. Our main goals is to have our players seen by as many college coaches and professional scouts as possible. We recruit student/athletes from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio that are exceptional players, exhibit excellent attitudes, and excel in the classroom as well.

The Canes Midwest demand a team oriented attitude that is displayed on and off the field. The Canes play excellent competition and are showcased in some of the nation’s top sports facilities. This program is modeled after college programs, with emphasis on teamwork, discipline and dedicating themselves to baseball year round. Playing for the Canes gives student/athletes the experience of traveling all over the east coast and playing baseball.


Canes Midwest is a new team to the Midwest.  The 10 year old Canes approached the board members of the Indiana Outlaws in the fall of 2016 about rebranding to Canes Midwest.  The Board members welcomed the idea and rebranded 4 of the Indiana Outlaw teams to the Canes Midwest.  The Indiana Outlaws was in its 4th year as an organization and had sent more than 50 players to compete at the collegiate level.  

The Canes brand has sent more than 800 players to college on a baseball scholarship.  The Canes has also produced more than 150 draft choices.  2017 draft had more than 40 former Canes players drafted!


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